Welcome to SAAsMA

The current committee is working very hard to bring you the latest about what is going on in the world of aviation medicine in South Africa.

We are actively searching for ways and means to get the aviation industry to acknowledge SAAsMA as the academic hub of aviation medicine in Southern Africa.

SAAsMA has members who operate in the international arena of aviation medicine, and we believe that SAAsMA has the inherent ability to once again become an internationally recognised body of expertise specialising in the African context of aviation medicine, with the ability to integrate this African context into the wider international forum of experts.

SAAsMA as association is in continual and constructive debate with SACAA and IAM to develop a partnership to benefit our members and ultimately the aviation community as clients of our members.

We are however only representing our members, and our strength as association is determined by the quality of our members as aviation medical experts in their respective fields. This website was developed to enhance that expertise and to ensure free interaction and academic stimuli amongst peers and interested parties as well as allowing the aviation community a portal to address their aviation medical needs.

Use this website for the greater good for all.