SAAsMA is YOUR association. It is there to represent YOUR interests, and to give you the information that you need to keep your work as a DAME up to the highest professional standards. Please join us, not only in your own interests, but also in the interests of the Flight Crews and Air Traffic Controllers that you serve. Flight Safety of the highest standard is still the name of the game, and will remain so.

In order to encourage more active involvement in SAAsMA activities, eg serving on the Exco and/or presenting papers at our biennial conferences, the following decision concerning conference fees was taken at the 2020 AGM:   A 25% reduction in conference fees will in future be granted (financial circumstances permitting) to:

a. SAAsMA Life Members (currently in possession of life member certificates, or on the SAAsMA LM list). 

b. SAAsMA members presenting papers at our conferences.

c. SAAsMA Exco members, as a once-off, for the two-year period following their elected period of service.

Note that the maximum cumulative discount on fees that any single member may receive is limited to 50% per conference